JCI Annual Convention

The JCI Annual Convention in three absorbing days filled with cutting-edge technical and scientific information on concrete. This annual convention, which was launched in 1979, provides a wealth of information mainly through annual seminars and events such as Concrete Techno Plaza and Ready-Mixed Concrete Seminar, as well as special lectures.

  • Ready-Mixed Concrete Seminar
    The Ready-Mixed Concrete Seminar introduces various techniques and studies for better ready-mixed concrete production. Every time it is held, this seminar attracts a large audience.
  • Concrete Techno Plaza
    This event offers a venue for the many diverse companies that support concrete technology, including cement, admixture, and machinery manufactures, general contractors, and design consultants, to exhibit their latest technologies and products.

The three-day program features a range of activities related to materials, structure, design, construction and the environment, and research presentations and exhibits concerning the latest concretes. It also features original events organized by the various JCI chapters that involve the participation of residents, making the convention a festival of concrete that offers an interesting combination of enjoyable and serious events. All People involved with concrete are welcome.

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